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Kenzo x H&M

Every year with baited breath, the style savvy await the much anticipated announcement of the next H&M collaboration. Rumours of this years circulated in the weeks before as people speculated who could it… Continue reading

Sale: The lows

I know, you’re craving someone to spoonfeed you the best of the sale. Handpicked, yummy bargains that get you reaching for your credit card faster than you can say “bish bash sale” (in… Continue reading

Video of the week: Hercules & Love Affair | Do You Feel The Same?

When it comes to music videos, they usually wash over me in a tidal wave of commercial crap but the combination of Hercules & Love Affair in a tribal, post-apocalyptic vision directed by… Continue reading

Girl About Town: Nora Vai

Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Schiaparelli – just a handful of the names Nora Vai has donned for the catwalk in recent months. I met her as Giedre –  the lithe Lithuanian who stood head… Continue reading

Mum’s the word.

You might have already bundled a card into your basket whilst in the queue at Tescos, or even have gone as far as to promise to take her for tea, but with Mother’s… Continue reading

Things of beauty

Hello Paul

It’s rare that you get a candid glimpse into the life of one of your favourite iconic designers. An insight that doesn’t feel completely edited beyond recognition and so polished that you wonder if… Continue reading

Things of Beauty


MUJI Labo has been around for a number of seasons in Japan, it was launched as a diffusion line to its main collection and just when you thought MUJI clothing couldn’t get any… Continue reading

Urban street folk

Met Samuel Alexander whilst working at Topshop. You know how it is, everyone in retail has another ‘job’, another ‘passion’, another ‘something’ that drives them . Sam was studying for his degree in… Continue reading