Design Ventura

Attending my second Design Ventura awards evening, I couldn’t help but think how fortunate these kids were to have something like this in place and how much Design & Technology, Art and Graphic… Continue reading

Lost & Fond

On a recent visit to SCP in Shoreditch, one of my favourite homewares haunts for everyday inspiration (and aspiration!), I came across Blodwen blankets. Beautifully crafted textiles handmade in Cardigan Bay, Wales, it’s also home… Continue reading

Urban street folk

Met Samuel Alexander whilst working at Topshop. You know how it is, everyone in retail has another ‘job’, another ‘passion’, another ‘something’ that drives them . Sam was studying for his degree in… Continue reading

Super Dandy Scandi

“ISAK: Beautiful happy things” summarises this Scandinavian treasure trove to the letter. Founded by Sandra Isaksson, a graphic designer and illustrator herself, Isak is a one-stop shop for those with a love of everyday items infused… Continue reading


According to the ever trustworthy source that is Wikipedia, a ‘lolcat’ (pronounced /ˈlɒlkæt/ lol-kat incase you weren’t sure) is an “image combining a photograph of a cat with text intended to contribute humour. The text is often idiosyncratic and grammatically incorrect, and its… Continue reading

The kids are alright

Do you remember your favourite magazine as a child? The one you used to ask your newsagent to put to one side for you so you could save up your pocket money to… Continue reading

Japanese Avant-Garde: An essay

Progression exists in many forms but little doubt remains that we hope it entails advancement for the greater good. It can be an overnight metamorphosis or a gradual transition but it’s not often… Continue reading

Colour By Numbers: Kenyon Yeh

In a climate mindful of careless disposal you’d be forgiven for the circumspect behaviour carried out by so many designers nowadays. But every now and again a bright spark swoops in that shakes… Continue reading

Something for the weekend

Following quickly on from the success of hidden cocktail cave Bourne & Hollingsworth, the B&H group have just this week opened Reverend JW Simpson, in the very building in which he resided between… Continue reading

Cod Save The Sea

As far as pop-up shops go, past the glittery opening night, many whizz by in transience before you even get a chance to ‘pop-in’. A noticeable retail trend that has once again enlisted… Continue reading