Girl About Town: Nora Vai

Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Schiaparelli – just a handful of the names Nora Vai has donned for the catwalk in recent months. I met her as Giedre –  the lithe Lithuanian who stood head… Continue reading

The F word

All this talk of feminism of late, it’s become impossible to avoid it. From Emma Watson’s candid speech delivered to the UN last week, to Lena Denham’s new book ‘Not that kind of… Continue reading

Devora Ran

“And the gas leaks, And the oil spills, And sex sells everything, And sex kills.” Like a retrospective epitaph, we hope it will commemorate the way we were. Marking the transition from our… Continue reading

Journey Home

Close your eyes, make a wish.

Okay, so take a deep breath and think carefully. If you could have one wish. One wish granted to you that knows few imaginative boundaries, even fewer financial limitations and you have Crowdwish,… Continue reading

Naked ambition

If there’s one gallery you need to get yourself to this April, it’s to see the work of critically acclaimed LA-based photographer Mona Kuhn whose work is showing at the Flowers gallery on… Continue reading

Mum’s the word.

You might have already bundled a card into your basket whilst in the queue at Tescos, or even have gone as far as to promise to take her for tea, but with Mother’s… Continue reading

A gallery you don’t have to leave home for

For many, wallpaper will forever have its associations with Grandparents’ antiquated floral landscape, or childhood Thomas the Tank Engine patterns etched with crayon. Or alternatively, seedy clubs with gold embossed oriental patterns like… Continue reading

Heal’s Modern Craft Market

Beginning a post with “apologies for the delay” is never a great way to begin but I guess the old phrase of better late than never could be called upon on this occasion.… Continue reading

Things of beauty