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Big bang data

A new exhibition opening at Somerset House that will disclose the hidden truths of the data deluge.


In search of Wes…

Wes….oh Wes…where for art thou Wes? As a self-proclaimed Wes Anderson fan of the highest order (I say that as if I’m on my own in admitting this), I am just one within… Continue reading


We’re off! The bright lights of Milan are calling and we’re headed to the #IKEATemporary exhibition as part of the annual expo. An exploration of life at home, it centres around the kitchen… Continue reading

Into the Wilderness…

The Wilderness low-down

Havana nights

So where to start about this magical country stuck in a wonderful time warp that escapes definition and modernisation? We arrived in Havana to a hot, sweaty humidity which made your clothes stick like sticky backed plastic to anything and everything. You get used to this, just as you get used to the tantrum-like thunderstorms that hit at roughly 3pm every day and lasted for an hour or so before returning temperatures to a more humanly manageable heat.

Mum’s the word.

You might have already bundled a card into your basket whilst in the queue at Tescos, or even have gone as far as to promise to take her for tea, but with Mother’s… Continue reading

Take to the rooftops

You know how it goes, the sun springs out on us taking us by total surprise because the Met office completely denies its existence, and suddenly every man and his dog are sporting… Continue reading


Whilst Habitat for many, seems to have lost its way over the past few years with its financial troubles and the curiosity over its next steps having been bought by the Home Retail… Continue reading

Little talks

There must be something, or perhaps even a few things that you might like to achieve that in your own mind, when the time is right, with a good dose of the right… Continue reading

The Promise of Freedom series

The Legatum Institute might not be a destination you’re particularly familiar with but the work carried out by this independent non-partisan public policy organisation is vital to the advancement of political and economic… Continue reading