Big bang data

big data

Big data.* Those two little words send shivers down my very spine. Not just because they are possibly the most over used and widely thrown about terms in brand board rooms all over the world, but because I don’t believe anyone can truly say they fully comprehend the meaning nor implications they create for the future. (Unless you’re Google or Facebook, in which, you absolutely know and are already scheming away to extrapolate any last morsel of privacy we may/may not have. (Read on below for more about BIG DATA… it sounds scary. It can be. Sort of.)

I’m going to move swiftly on before I before you to absolute data driven tears / burn your retina. Well you can imagine my intrigue when I found out about a forthcoming exhibition at Somerset House entitled ‘Big Bang Data’ – an exhibition about the data explosion that is impacting our lives. Featuring art works by the likes of Zach Blas, Nicholas Felton, Erica Scouti and Lisa Jevbratt, I can only imagine it’s going to be a multi-disciplinary display combining the potentially shocking use of data visualisation carefully crafted by genius Data Scientists (yes, this job does indeed exist.)

You can expect them to look at everything from migration habits and artificial intelligence to cat trending and generation selfie. It will in fact “disclose the hidden truths of the data deluge”, so if this means bringing data awareness and its potential useful as well as harmful applications to the many then I’m opting in.


**Essentially a term for enormously broad and hugely complex data sets that companies are in ownership of and can be analysed and crunched to reveal anything from consumer behaviours, to security risks, operational improvements and the list goes on. This data is created from anything such as a social media interaction to shopping habits following an email, it’s all inter-connected if you have the ability to understand and use it purposefully.

Big Bang Data is on at Somerset House from 3rd Dec – 28th Feb.