Raw beauty

Call me biased (seeing as I’m featuring a collection made by the very brand I work for) but hey! I think that says a lot about the integrity, beauty and design of the range. I’m talking about the SINNERLIG collection designed by renowned British designer Ilse Crawford for IKEA.

Launching this week, I was standing in the store and loved being the silent observer of people’s reactions to it as they entered – it’s a combination total surprise and awe that it’s a range available to IKEA without a designer price tag. Designed to draw on the innate beauty of natural materials, Crawford has used cork, glass, earthenware, linen and cotton in the forefront of her work. It’s a well thought out collection of 30 items that could span your entire home – dining tables, low coffee tables, stunning hand blown glassware, and natural textiles in earthy tones. A collection that has been (I believe!) 2 years in the making, it really does show – it’s an incredible show stopper and simply put – you’d never think it was from IKEA. The beauty really is in the details with this collection.


Markus Engman, the Design Manager for IKEA was quoted “Ilse Crawford is not the typical product designer. She sees the bigger picture. And her ideas always go beyond the actual product as such. The room context, the human value, how a product relates to the user and affects our human primal needs, is always the reason why her design looks like it does.”

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You can watch more about the collaboration:

SINNERLIG is available in all stores and you can see more here.