Sounds of the underground


As city dwellers, we have come to accept the dreary humdrum commute interrupted occasionally by the odd cheery TFL tannoy man or freebie handed out at the station. I once futilely added up all the hours I spent commuting and it totalled two weeks of my life dedicated to the metropolitan line. So when I came across the Subway Symphony project – a collaboration between LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy x Heineken, I couldn’t help but think how incredible it would be to bring this to the drudgery of the London underground. It’s a project Murphy has been working on for quite some time but his concept is to bring sound to the New York turnstiles, essentially turning them into lots of little pieces of music.

In a bid to make cities better places to live, granted in the grand scheme of priorities such as housing and living wage, it doesn’t come close but it’s an idea that could make city living just that little more bearable at times. The New York Transportation Authority are apparently not co-operating with the scheme but should it gain enough momentum from the public who knows what could become of the mundane portals to people’s journey’s.