Matt Henry: Dark Americana

the-trip-1 the-trip-2 the-trip-4 the-trip-9

Now it’s been a long time since I last visited America and left the sickly-sweet compound of the Disneyland pastel pink walls for that matter, but in my dreams it’s still mostly like something out the True Romance film set. My unwavering favourite film since my Dad introduced me to Tarantino’s screenplay masterpiece at the age of fourteen, I used to fantasize about the day I would tie a floral silk scarf around my head, slather on a thick layer of red lipstick, and ride off in a Jeep Wrangler into the sunset headed to Mexico.

And coming across the new work from photographer Matt Henry, I become mesmerized by his heightened techni-colour world that hinted at a sleazy haze of tawdry family affairs and bad cologne. Naturally, the seedier side of my 50s fantasy, his latest series entitled ‘The Trip’, was so striking it had me imagining and re-imagining the stories behind the characters.

A British born photographer now based in Brighton, studying for a PhD in American Studies, it might in part explain his fascination with the culture, and pre-occupation with the 60s and 70s in particular. His Tumblr is also definitely worth checking out, as a brilliant homage to both benign and defining moments set in a landscape of post-consumer America.

the-trip-11 the-trip-12 the-trip-13 the-trip-14

All images above are by Matt Henry whose work is represented by the Michael Hoppen Art Gallery, London.