Twitter Stories


Held in the breathtaking Roundhouse in Camden, Twitter invited brands, agencies and social media gurus to share their new platform – Twitter Stories. Please keep reading! It’s not another sales pitch! Assembled eager to hear what the mysterious ‘Twitter Stories’ could be – a new functionality? A new app? They instead unveiled a series of wonderfully entertaining speakers sharing their experiences of how Twitter had enabled them to share their message across the world.

And those messages varied enormously – from Heather McNab, who accidentally attached a chilli beef recipe instead of her CV for a job, shared the response on Twitter and became an oblivious overnight sensation because of the power of Twitter. Then there was Isabel Webster, a presenter for Sunrise Sky News and shared how Twitter has enabled them to land breaking news stories and exclusives before other news networks, not to mention drive countless extra viewers to the show by live tweeting debates and inviting audience opinions that fuel the content of the show. Twitter has effectively democratized the news so anyone can break stories at any given moment and the power is no longer in the hands of the media giants.

Then there was David Schneider who effectively tweets on behalf of brands and TV shows to drive viewer engagement in real time and showed a number of hilarious examples. He told of how Twitter had enabled him to find his ‘funny’ in a new medium – it had opened up doors that previously hadn’t existed for him. He could be funny and get paid for it without, I’m assuming becoming a stand up comedian. He could safely tweet from the comfort of his own home and get paid generously for it. Now is that a dream job, or is THAT a dream job!?

Now the other exciting bit was the unveiling of their latest ‘purchase’ – Periscope, a live streaming app that goes beyond the time restrictions of Snapchat – this is real here-in-the-moment-stuff. This is very exciting and whilst us fellow marketeers were sat scratching our heads trying to count its many many many potential applications (something that no doubt Twitter have been doing every day with glee since its acquisition), a first for Twitter was being asked not to tweet what we just witnessed following a demo of the tool. NOT TO TWEET!? Are you crazy!? Fingers and thumbs went into spasm at this very request. But I believe most respectfully abided by it. And so we await with baited breath for the great launch…

Whilst the event wasn’t quite what I was expecting, I think it’s a great thing that Twitter can celebrate that it has been a driving force behind some of the most serendipitous, heart wrenching, and culturally defining moments that we might ever know. It has the power of making the smallest voices echo beyond any boundaries of imagination (Orkney Library, case in point), and enable the most profound messages to acquire new voices, (Like the He for She campaign) and that, can only be a good thing.

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