The Empire Strikes Back (secretly)


Excitement was fervently brimming amongst one of my Watsapp groups last week at the announcement of Star Wars – The Empire Strikes Back to be the next Secret Cinema film season. I thought they didn’t usually announce the exact film prior to the event but apparently this isn’t the case! Our nerd dreams were running away from us as we imagined hundreds of Ewoks rope swinging around and offering tasty snacks, maybe we all get to dress as a bunch of hipster Princess Leias draped in a bedsheet and there’s just one Darth Vadar lording it about giving people the health and safety spiel. And don’t get me started on Yoda – I’m thinking 3D projections, handing out sage life tips and hacks, maybe even palm reading? Career advice? Oh the possibilities are endless. All I know is, July cannot come round quick enough and may the force be with you until then.*

*Sorry totally couldn’t resist.