Home sweet home

There’s something about the TOAST imagery that makes me yearn for a simpler life. It’s in the naturally pure daylight streaming onto the slightly crumpled linen bedsheets, and the earthenware mugs prepped for the first aromatic coffee of the day. It has a clean, simple aesthetic that has me window gazing, dreaming of what if? What if I left the city life behind me for this – a run down cottage near the sea where life could be simpler. Smaller. But simpler. I bet you didn’t think a TOAST lookbook could evoke this, least of all a life long devotee to city living but yes, it is that convincing. So day dream away, I positively encourage it. Here’s some of my favourites…

bed_toast breakfast_toast desk_toast tableware_toast textiles_toastgirl_toast

All of the above are from the TOAST Spring/Summer 15 collection available to browse here.