70 Years of Great Design

The Design Council announced their 70 Ones To Watch this week in celebration of their own 70th birthday. Chosen for an individual product or project of outstanding design ingenuity, the disciplines cover everything from furniture, fashion, jewellery, app development and much more. The six categories of entrants include Everyday living, Design for health and wellbeing, Materiality, Design for social impact, Future of city living and Rethinking reality.

You can meet the winners here but here’s a handful to whet the appetite…


Hand Healthy by Simon Kinneir, Low cost prosthetic by Matthew Thompson, Future Activewear by Hyun Kyung Lee

(From left to right)

Designing a range of table-top kitchen utensils aimed to assist those with osteoarthritis in their day to day cooking, Simn Kinneir’s range offer a therapeutic alternative alternative to heavy and clumsy mass market items.

This design for a low-cost prosthetic limb could improve the lives of so many across the world. Designer Matthew Thompson has created one with reduced weight and complexity making it more affordable for the many.

Aiding physical deterioration and the difficulty that increases with age to enjoy a healthy physical lifestyle, Hyun Kyung Lee has designed an active wear collection that has gentle exercise functions such as Fall Prevention trousers and Social Activity coat to remind people to enjoy exercise during their day.


Finn Chair by Oliver Hrubiak, NOOOK by Torsten Sherwood, A4 Scooter by George Mabey

(From left to right)

This already has the potential makings of a design classic with its sculpted back and lightweight legs, inspired by mid-century Scandi design, Oliver Hrubiak has challenged perceptions of disposable contemporary furniture.

NOOOK – a strong yet light cardboard disk is a construction toy which takes inspiration from LEGO and is designed to encourage interactive play and experimentation.

A scotter that fits into A4 size you say!? Yes! George Mabey’s design does just that! It weighs less than 5 kilos and really does live up to its name of a micro scooter – now that could add some fun to the morning commute.