Julie Verhoeven: The Whiskers Between My Legs

Julie Verhoeven web_0

It is with utter glee that I clap my hands together in a fit of excitement to welcome anything Julie Verhoeven does. An awarded Fellow of the Royal College of Art, many fashion-y types will recognise her beautiful illustrations from collaborations with Mulberry, Louis Vuitton and Peter Jensen. I too, am probably sitting in that majority, which is why I’m so very very eager to see her current exhibition at the ICA in London.

Running until the 18th January, Whiskers Between My Legs is an immersive installation and that’s about all I’m going to say because her very own ‘Golden Nuggets’ welcome video that introduce the main themes of the show put it far better than I ever could. But what I will repeat are the words ‘boobs, bums and titillation’.



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