Girrrrrlz: Ones to watch

It’s amazing what being holed up in your home home for Christmas (definition: home of origin, not where you currently live, the term I have to denote so as not to upset my Mum when I talk of London as my home (singular)) can do for productivity. Amidst the frantic wrapping, box set marathons and mince pie consumption – in that given order, I’ve been able to catch up with a few overdue blog posts and jot down a few musical bits for the forthcoming year. So without further adieu, I’d like to share a few ‘ones to watch’ (or some bloody lovely videos, put more simply) for the year ahead….Oh, and it’s worked out that they’re all female. POW!

Billie Marten – Ribbon (you may have spotted her as one of the Burberry Accoustic sets)


Jagaara – Faultline (hotly tipped to be the British Haim, already booked for next year’s Field Day)


Kill J – You have another lover (all round super cool Scandi’s with very arresting videos)


Ekkah – Last chance to dance (absolute dance floor filler, also check out Figure it out )


Kate Boy – Open Fire


Victoria Modesta – Only you (you might recognise her from the incredibly made Channel 4 mini-documentary introducing her as the world’s first bionic pop star)