Video of the week: Hercules & Love Affair | Do You Feel The Same?

When it comes to music videos, they usually wash over me in a tidal wave of commercial crap but the combination of Hercules & Love Affair in a tribal, post-apocalyptic vision directed by AlexandLianne with styling from Bernhard Wilhelm quite frankly got me excited.
Shot using Infra-red-converted digital cameras – which capture a completely different light spectrum – the film is directed by AlexandLianne, former collaborators with some of the biggest names in music including Kylie Minogue and Tiga, as well as global brands Nike and Mercedes.
The inspiration for the video came from Hercules & Love Affair’s founder Andy Butler commenting on the close ties between ballet and dance music. “At the meeting with Defected, the eyes lit up, and I got to write an email to Josh Johnson, my friend at the Forsythe Company inviting him to get involved.
Bernhard Willhelm known for his love of incorporating absurdity into high end design, is possibly most known in the music industry through infamous collaborations with Bjork.
‘Do You Feel The Same?’ is out February 2015 on Defected Records