Close your eyes, make a wish.


Okay, so take a deep breath and think carefully. If you could have one wish. One wish granted to you that knows few imaginative boundaries, even fewer financial limitations and you have Crowdwish, the first online crowd-sourcing website that aims to be the internet’s most unique wishlist. Users can select up to ten wishes of anything they want, this can be anything from services and products to experience or advice. You can even contribute your support to existing wishes or create new ones – the choice is yours, but the wishes that gain the most ‘support’ via its numerous social media channels will be most likely the ones to come true.

You’re thinking this is too good to be true, right? Well every 24 hours that’s exactly what happens.

The two wishes storming the people’s poll at the current moment are contrastingly ‘I wish I could get a bikini body in time for summer’ and ‘I wish to stop suicide from happening ever happening ever again’. Incase you were interested, the former was in the lead. Whilst you cannot prevent such vacuous requests gaining dramatic headway in the public poll I suppose that’s the intruging dynamic aspect of this gutsy up-start. The site has six very simple rules to adhere to:

1. Don’t be lame. No one cares that you wish you could fly. You can’t and this site can’t help you. Sorry.

2. Don’t be greedy. ‘I wish I had a free Rolex’ isn’t going to get traction.

3. Don’t be crude. We don’t need to hear about your Mila Kunis fantasies.

4. Don’t be vague. Try and be specific and imaginative at the same time.

5. Don’t be (too) selfish. The more a wish is shared, the more likely it is to come true.

6. Don’t be a dick – any form of behavior that breaks the law, or advocates doing so, won’t be tolerated.

As the founder, Bill Griffin explains, “Whatever a person’s wishes may be and wherever they may be in the world, chances are there is someone else out there with the same wish. It’s a simple principle that many voices are louder than one, and the louder a voice the more likely it is to be heard. Crowdwish is a vehicle that makes that happen. People have really taken to the concept which is very cool”.

Wishes made true to date include (to name but a few)

Helping find a bone marrow donor

 Going to Sir David Attenborough’s house to ask for a cup of tea

 Having people meet with professionals – from photographers to personal assistants – to help them in their career development

 Providing discounts on Apple products

 Giving away the best books of the last year, as voted for by an amazing panel

 Asking Michael Gove – directly – to teach a lesson himself

 Providing style advice from a TV personality

 Sending mystery presents on Valentine’s Day

 Cheering up friends of users with surprise gifts

 Finding and allowing users to enjoy the world’s best pie

So next time you find yourself hopelessly frustrated or thinking luck was only on the side of the seemingly elite few, close your eyes, take a deep breath and make a wish – it might just come true.

My handful of wishes –

– I probably share this with more than likely a million other people living in London but I really do wish people would be less rude and unapproachable on the underground. It makes for a crappy start to most days to say the least. Oh and whilst they’re being less rude and generally kinder, I’d love it if people also didn’t carry out personal hygiene errands such as cutting nails and plucking hairs too.

– I wish tea was a commonplace currency. But then again, I think a lot of things can be solved with tea.

– I wish I’d seen Nina Simone perform before she died.