A gallery you don’t have to leave home for

For many, wallpaper will forever have its associations with Grandparents’ antiquated floral landscape, or childhood Thomas the Tank Engine patterns etched with crayon. Or alternatively, seedy clubs with gold embossed oriental patterns like something Delboy would have sported in his boudoir. Either way, people’s aspirations toward wallpaper tend to ailgn with the good, the bad and the ugly (and the majority citing the latter).

Demand in recent years for more bespoke and unusual wallpaper has seen numerous collaborations between artists and wallpaper manufacturers or their home furnishing counterparts. CommonRoom is no exception to this, with the aim being to make contemporary art available to all through creating British made wallpaper that brings art directly into people’s living rooms. Set up by London-based artist Kate Hawkins this year, her first line-up of artists includes Goshka Macuga, James Ferris, Kate Owens and Hawkins herself. Now to find a wallspace big enough….


282 Ways of Making a Salad by James Ferris


Be yourself or something else by Kate Hawkins


Back to Front by Goshka Macuga


Dead end by Kate Owen


Prices start at £85 per roll available here.