Heal’s Modern Craft Market

Beginning a post with “apologies for the delay” is never a great way to begin but I guess the old phrase of better late than never could be called upon on this occasion. A visit to the Heal’s Modern Craft Market meant I unearthed some exciting new designers on the homewares frontier, and albeit a little late to pop down and see for yourself because it ended on the 16th February, I still think it’s worth featuring some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

Celebrating the best in British contemporary design, there were some incredibly  beautiful home accessories, furniture, textiles and lighting on display. Wonderfully curated, there was no way you could walk past their flagship store in Tottenham Court Road and not stop to pop inside.

photo (6)

The stunning window display

photo (5)


photo (4)

There were so many pieces that caught my eye when I visited but these three were by far too good not to mention:

photo (3)

Chair by Charlotte Kingsnorth

The first was a chair by Charlotte Kingsnorth, an industrial designer from London who had hand sculpted and stitched this unusual chair. Like a hybrid of those chairs you perched on in primary school in all its dark brown glossed glory, coerced with Slimer from Ghostbusters, it was a refreshing take on a such a familiar design.


Pots by Chris Keenan

The ceramics created by Chris Keenan were beautiful in the way they contrasted and equally complimented each other as a collection. Using traditional glazing techniques, I loved the beakers and bowls set that fitted one inside the other like matryoshka dolls.

photo (2)

Last, but by no means least, these fun lights by installation designer Jess Shaw would add a pop of colour in any room. A permanent fixture in the V&A collection, the fantastical Lily lights looked as fragile as origami but to touch were surprisingly robust. Most certainly a bold addition to any room lacking in lustre!

So there we have it, my favourites from the Heal’s Modern Craft Market – a carefully curated showcase of truly inspirational talent emerging from Britain at the moment. I suppose all that remains to be said is to watch this space!