Meet my new uke

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I don’t think I’m entirely alone when I say that I have a tendency to add random ‘wishlist’ type items to my watch list in Ebay. Along with a vintage fringed kimono, a taxidermy otter, a pair of leopard print Nike trainers and some YSL costume jewellery, there’s been a ukulele on that list for as long as I could remember. They just sit there, with their tempting ‘buy it now’ buttons looking all shiny and exciting but really they’re imaginary treats that I will one day reward myself with.

So you can picture my face when seeing my best friend bound up to me with a ukulele shaped-box for my Birthday (she couldn’t believe I guessed it a mile off, it was either that, or a super soaker and I very much hoped it was the former). A beautiful shade of blue, I haven’t let it out of my sight since. I become a bit fascinated by them when I saw a group of people one Monday night strumming away in the corner of the Queen of Hoxton as part of the Hoxton Ukulele Hootananny and thought about how much fun they looked as though they were having. I believe they were playing Kylie Minogue ‘Can’t get you outta my head’ and well, the combination of cute  become all too alluring.

Whilst this too might sound wholly ridiculous (please ignore for one moment the fact that I work in the WORLD WIDE WEB) but I’ve become all too aware of how helpful YouTube can be. It’s taught me to tune my ukulele, strum it, and even play…wait for it…Twist & Shout! Who’d have thought it only consisted of 3 chords. I sat there in awe of a Hawaiian ukulele powerhouse sporting an ironic genuine Hawaiian shirt who taught me everything I needed to get started. It really amazes me what you can learn on the internet. I’m now pondering what else I could possibly learn on YouTube…cross stitch? Sign language? TO COMPLETE A RUBIX CUBE!? The possibilities could be quite endless, but in the meantime, I guess I need to find some more things for my wishlist.

For the moment, this little guy is my hero. My singing isn’t dissimilar either…