Take to the rooftops


Queen of Hoxton’s newly refurbished rooftop

You know how it goes, the sun springs out on us taking us by total surprise because the Met office completely denies its existence, and suddenly every man and his dog are sporting their Havianas and faux market-bought Raybans. Stripping off seems to be inherently in our nature and with that, comes the extended drinking hours as the long days trawl into the nights, becoming entirely justified because it feels as though you could be anywhere but here.

Depending on your surroundings entirely, any cafe with so much as an outdoor table becomes Italy, a cobbled street and Paris perhaps jumps to mind; or for me, anything resembling a rooftop and it’s practically NYC. (Carparks included). The trend for lofty open aired watering holes shows no sign of stopping with the likes of Kensington Roof Gardens, Tapas-come-cocktail bar Madison, and Peckham’s destination du jour Frank’s, squeezing every last drop of daylight onto its sun-starved patrons.

One rooftop destination that has become a firm favourite for the East London crowd is the newly refurbished Queen of Hoxton, by winter it’s everything from a Ukelele-hosting hootenanny to an origami-making hotspot but come Summer, it’s something very different. Hosting their ever popular Rooftop Film Club showing vintage favourites such as Top Gun and Withnail & I, mingled with ‘Hot Tub Tropicana’, and the name pretty much says it all. Much to my personal delight they’ve also created a unique summer cocktail menu of iced tea teapots and an exciting musical line-up to see you well into the night. So if in doubt, you can’t find a leafy spot in the park to absorb some of Blighty’s rare sun rays, take to the rooftops instead.


Queen of Hoxton rooftop bar will be open from Saturday 11th May 12pm-10pm everyday.