Pappy's trio


I have to admit, I’ve not seen a lot of live comedy. I became a bit of a hardcore Lady Garden fan (their former name, now Birthday Girls) to the point where I knew parts of the script in that irritating pre-emptive-mutter-under-the-breath sort of way, but usually get dragged along to pub stand-up nights which invariably end in a lot of heckling on my behalf, and I leave thinking I might have a future in comedy if that is the going standard. The real truth is, that everyone thinks they’re funny after two thirds of a bottle of pinot grigio. So when I recently came across rave reviews about Pappy’s I thought it might be worth a go. A wise (and very drunk) person once bestowed some key life advice to me that suggested it’s good to try anything once, except incest and Morris Dancing respectively.

Pappy’s consists of Ben Clark, Matthew Crosby and Tom Parry (I took that bit from Wikipedia – how’s that for investigative journalism) and they’ve been regulars on the live comedy, notably the Edinburgh Fringe scene for a while. Their most recent show titled  ‘Last Show Ever’ is running at the Soho Theatre and it was a glance into the future as the geriatric trio tried to fathom what exactly happened at that last show ever and exactly how they ended up going their three separate ways. Taken on a journey that included were-priests,  (I’m not too clued up on the spelling of that one but it was a werewolf crossed with a priest), the Tin man, lion and scarecrow, a song about how gloves define the man, and much more but I would not want to ruin it for you.

Whilst I’m not a fully converted comedy watcher now, I will still tentatively agree to pub comedy stand-up if gagged and fed wine through a small straw but Pappy’s have a new fan in me. The only suggestion I might have for improvement is that I would have liked to see more Morris dancing. Plus, the webby geek in me likes how they’ve made their website uncannily similar to that of the Cannes film festival. Keep an eye out for future gigs here or in the meantime, keep yourself amused with their podcasts.