The walnut dining table

The walnut dining table £400

If ever there was a collection to send your head spinning, it’s the new STOCKHOLM range from IKEA. Always a surprising collection, along with their yearly PS range, this one has well and truly put timeless design at the forefront. Drawing inspiration from the late 50s/early 60s, it still has a hint of that Scandi appeal but wouldn’t look misplaced in a Conran shop window (or on the set of Mad Men for that matter), and you’d be overjoyed to know that the pieces are a quarter of the price.

From walnut sideboards and supple bentwood chairs to butter soft leather sofas and a personal favourite, that canary yellow glass cabinet . Designed to improve with age, the materials have been ever so carefully selected to reflect the potential timelessness of the STOCKHOLM range. It almost comes to grate on you that the product descriptions simply read ‘swivel easy chair’, when it should read ‘ridiculously stunning pea green velvet swivel chair that all your friends will envy and you can pretend it was a one off’. But that’s IKEA for you, always understated, but never outdone.


Velvet spinning chair £250, leather sofa £1000 & chandalier £85


Walnut sideboard £300 and circular mirror with shelf £60


Three seat leather sofa with leaf print cushion

Branding it the ‘Smart Craftsmanship’ collection, they’ve created a number of beautiful behind the scenes videos that detail everything from the inspiration and design process to the way in which each piece was lovingly made.

The Creative Director reflecting on the collection:

The craftsman behind the collection:

The designer’s thoughts on STOCKHOLM: