Little talks


There must be something, or perhaps even a few things that you might like to achieve that in your own mind, when the time is right, with a good dose of the right impetus you will go right ahead and do it. It might be to take that six month sabbatical with little more than a backpack and head off into the uncertain sunset, or start the business that you patented ten years ago, or perhaps to lead a more environmentally sustainable life. Whatever it may be, that encouragement comes in many forms and the Do lectures  seeks to be an exploration of this.

Taking place in the idyllic Cardigan in Wales, it’s an unexpected location for the central hub of such creative collaboration. Founded by David & Clare Hieatt, they host a three day event that hopes to answer all your worries, niggles and all those things that keep you awake at night during the conception of your risk-it-all ideas. Alongside the Welsh lectures, it’s also going stateside in September 2013 in Hopland, California and for the duration of the event, there’s no internet, no TV, you eat fresh, local food, sleep under the stars and cosy up as much with nature as with the impending concept that your ideas might come to fruition. They have a similar inspirational strain of the TED talks running through them but with a greater focus on business development.


Speakers in the past have included Linden Beer creator Adam Lamoreaux, Alison Lea-Wilson, co-founder of Welsh salt brand Halen Mon, and the Deputy Editor or Wired UK, Ben Hammersley, to name just a few. For 2013, April’s confirmed speakers  will bring the likes of Helen Feilding who is Head of Digital Ventures at the BBC, Zach Klein the co-founder of DIY and Vimeo, and Owen Rogers, a partner at IDEO – an award-winning global design firm.

Centred around the concept that “To go find your cause to fight, your company to start, your invention to invent, your book to write, your mountain to climb. The one thing the Doers of the world Do, apart from Do amazing things, is to inspire the rest of us to go and Do amazing things too.”  And who wouldn’t want to be a Do-er…

You can watch all the recorded Do lectures here.

The Do Lectures will run April 25-28, find out more here.