HOUSE Vision

House Vision 2013

House Vision 2013

The ever increasing size of the population density is becoming a strong concern for countries worldwide. Placing enormous pressure on cities in particular, this growth is an additional strain on the already fraught housing market. Leading the way in architectural design and think tanks, Tokyo, a city with a population of over 13 million, is hosting an exhibition examining the Japanese lifestyle and more importantly, what we could come to call ‘home’ in the future.

House Vision  opens in Odaiba, Tokyo and will run from 2 – 24 March. Under the direction of leading Designer and Art Director Kenya Hara who is renowned for his work with MUJI since its beginnings thirty years ago. Creating their early advertising and imagery, he has brought together some of the industry’s most respected architects, designers, practitioners and businesses to look at the future of living.

Hosting a series of talks from the likes of Sou Fujimoto, MUJI Life Institute and Hiroshi Sugimoto moderated by Hara, it promises to be an insightful investigation that intertwines multi-functional furniture with clever spatial design.

“Now “house” has closely been connected with some industries like energy, home appliances, and medical treatments. The industrial production merely relying on one single product has already ended, and hi-tech home appliances have gained their popularity. For example, the electric equipment like TV, lighting, and loudspeaker boxes will be embedded in walls and become a part of the residential environment; the daily living facilities such as a bed will be equipped with high technology in future which could reflect its user’s physical conditions.”