MUJI Labo has been around for a number of seasons in Japan, it was launched as a diffusion line to its main collection and just when you thought MUJI clothing couldn’t get any more functionally understated, Labo undercut this concept entirely.

Focusing on the real detail, each pocket is designed to hold a MUJI pen and notepad; each pocket is reinforced; and best of all, every single fabric used is organic and even the buttons are made from recycled bottles.


Putting function at the forefront of the collection, my favourite thing about the collection is the burst of colour. From rich blues to rusty reds, it breathes life into the sea of stripes and beige. The menswear highlights feature brightly coloured raincoats and super soft linen trousers and for women – elegant shirt dresses and the ever sought after white linen shirt.

Launching in MUJI Carnaby Street branch, the Spring/Summer 13 collection will  be exclusively available in a handful of European stores.