Kenzo x H&M

Every year with baited breath, the style savvy await the much anticipated announcement of the next H&M collaboration. Rumours of this years circulated in the weeks before as people speculated who could it… Continue reading

Big bang data

A new exhibition opening at Somerset House that will disclose the hidden truths of the data deluge.

In search of Wes…

Wes….oh Wes…where for art thou Wes? As a self-proclaimed Wes Anderson fan of the highest order (I say that as if I’m on my own in admitting this), I am just one within… Continue reading


We’re off! The bright lights of Milan are calling and we’re headed to the #IKEATemporary exhibition as part of the annual expo. An exploration of life at home, it centres around the kitchen… Continue reading

Raw beauty

The new SINNERLIG collection designed by Ilse Crawford for IKEA

Gin Garden recipe

Enjoy a Summer martini courtesy of the Gin Garden

Into the Wilderness…

The Wilderness low-down

Sounds of the underground

As city dwellers, we have come to accept the dreary humdrum commute interrupted occasionally by the odd cheery TFL tannoy man or freebie handed out at the station. I once futilely added up… Continue reading

Havana nights

So where to start about this magical country stuck in a wonderful time warp that escapes definition and modernisation? We arrived in Havana to a hot, sweaty humidity which made your clothes stick like sticky backed plastic to anything and everything. You get used to this, just as you get used to the tantrum-like thunderstorms that hit at roughly 3pm every day and lasted for an hour or so before returning temperatures to a more humanly manageable heat.

Curated Botanicals

I was one of the lucky few who got to attend the Red Magazine Botanical masterclass a few weeks ago (apologies for the delayed post!) and my oh my were we in for… Continue reading