70 Years of Great Design

The Design Council announced their 70 Ones To Watch this week in celebration of their own 70th birthday. Chosen for an individual product or project of outstanding design ingenuity, the disciplines cover everything… Continue reading

Sale: The lows

I know, you’re craving someone to spoonfeed you the best of the sale. Handpicked, yummy bargains that get you reaching for your credit card faster than you can say “bish bash sale” (in… Continue reading

Girrrrrlz: Ones to watch

It’s amazing what being holed up in your home home for Christmas (definition: home of origin, not where you currently live, the term I have to denote so as not to upset my… Continue reading

Julie Verhoeven: The Whiskers Between My Legs

It is with utter glee that I clap my hands together in a fit of excitement to welcome anything Julie Verhoeven does. An awarded Fellow of the Royal College of Art, many fashion-y types… Continue reading

Video of the week: Hercules & Love Affair | Do You Feel The Same?

When it comes to music videos, they usually wash over me in a tidal wave of commercial crap but the combination of Hercules & Love Affair in a tribal, post-apocalyptic vision directed by… Continue reading

Girl About Town: Nora Vai

Marc Jacobs, DKNY, Schiaparelli – just a handful of the names Nora Vai has donned for the catwalk in recent months. I met her as Giedre –  the lithe Lithuanian who stood head… Continue reading

The F word

All this talk of feminism of late, it’s become impossible to avoid it. From Emma Watson’s candid speech delivered to the UN last week, to Lena Denham’s new book ‘Not that kind of… Continue reading

Devora Ran

“And the gas leaks, And the oil spills, And sex sells everything, And sex kills.” Like a retrospective epitaph, we hope it will commemorate the way we were. Marking the transition from our… Continue reading

Journey Home

Close your eyes, make a wish.

Okay, so take a deep breath and think carefully. If you could have one wish. One wish granted to you that knows few imaginative boundaries, even fewer financial limitations and you have Crowdwish,… Continue reading